Strengthening organizations with process, structure and technology consultation

Process  – Consulting engagements begin with analysis: understanding the whole of a business and its parts. They model the sequence of tasks in multiple processes from inception to completion; they work out the roles and responsibilities of each manual or automated actor in the system that accomplishes a set of tasks to fulfill a business need; they study the policies that ensure compliance to regulatory requirements and accounting requirements, and they apply their knowledge of product functionality to ensure the best fit of application to process.

Structure –  Without structure, things fall apart. Projects require a framework – scaffolding that supports the construction of an application environment that is the foundation for the systems that business requires to operate efficiently.

Technology – Consultants bring experience and technical know-how, knowledge of complex configuration and set-up, knowledge of database structures, query techniques, reporting tools, development languages, testing tools, – an extensive list of technical skills and capabilities. Exceptional consultants are able to go beyond what they knew and what they currently know – they are voracious acquirers of new information, new techniques, new solutions. Consultants at The 1218 Companies are brought into the team because they know the how-to, and they are always learning.

Comprehensive consulting – true system integration – multiple application platforms

Right Choices – The best approach to Information Technology is to select the right solutions, the right technology platform; the right suite of applications to use, and the right team to implement these choices.  Information requires organization to be meaningful – technology that arises from mathematics set-theory joins and organizes what are now thousands of tables to store and provide data to users who need it to facilitate processes. A comprehensive approach to consulting adds the power of human intelligence to the problem of solving how to organize and present information.

A Multiplicity of Capacity – The 1218 Companies focus on multiple application platforms. Regents Consulting is superbly aligned with the needs of the Staffing Industry and uniquely qualified to deliver all PeopleSoft installation and managed services requirements. Convectus is platform neutral, delivering improved business performance through operational streamlining, change management, and process optimization. Axcero Global brings experienced consultants and proven methodologies focused on all aspects of talent recruiting, retention, and management. These companies are synergistically supported by offices in Dallas TX, Leicester UK, and Noida India.

Taken Together – The 1218 Companies have the capacity to work together from differing points of view, incorporating a comprehensive consulting approach to truly integrate technology across multiple domains. Individually, the companies are best in class. Together, they are a powerful resource for any company seeking to make the right choices with the right teams.

Thought Leadership – Vision – Prescience

Beyond Jargon  – the phrase “Thought Leader” has spread throughout the business and consulting community – because it is the ability to think ahead that ensures survival, profitability, sustainability. The 1218 Companies are a team of men and women who, over time, recognized the quality in each other to think ahead, to lead, to bring that ability to clients here, there and everywhere. Traveling and working with hundreds of businesses over thousands of miles and across a dozen or more knowledge domains, the teams at 1218 have thousands of hours of applying thought leadership to companies who seek out a rare commodity – personalities who combine what they know with what should be known.

Creative Intelligence – Intelligence is not active in only one area of being – there is emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, physical intelligence, creative intelligence; The 1218 Companies look for a wide range of intelligences, sometimes present in a single individual, sometimes aggregated in a team, sometimes arising out of the pairing of client and consultant. The 1218 Companies invite you to join in.

Service – The bullet points of services listed in sales PowerPoint presentations are a starting point for discussion. The 1218 Companies aim to provide partnership, collaboration, and leadership. The essence of 1218 culture is the quality of service that its consultants deliver.

Core Services

  • Financial and Human Resources Management

  • Technology & Managed Services

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Cloud Computing

  • Staffing and Recruiting

  • Professional Services

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